The Dangers of Tea Lights

Today I stopped at a little new-agey vegan cafe for a salad on my way home from work. A girl sat down at the table next to mine – an employee of the cafe on her lunch break. She looked like the sort of girl who can guess your moon sign just from looking at you.

A young man walked up to her table. He had a shaved head and thin wire-rimmed glasses, and had obviously been chatting with her at the till before she took her break. He picked up where they had left off, flirting in a slightly awkward yoga-nerd kind of way, and I noticed that he had a slight German accent.

I have a bad habit of dropping eaves anyway (being a writer is my excuse), and if there’s an accent involved, I just can’t help myself. So I tuned in.

“I don’t use my computer much,” she said. “But I do like watching videos on youtube. You can learn all sorts of things.”

“Ya,” said the young man, “I have made a youtube video. It is about the dangers of tea lights! Once I left a tea light candle burning when I left the house and there were huge flames when I came home! I thought I should tell people what can happen.”

“I feel like you’re telling me this for a reason!” said the girl, “I always forget to blow out my tea lights after my morning meditation – sometimes I leave them burning all day.”

I wasn’t aware that some people need reminding not to leave candles burning, but I suppose we should all be grateful for videos the remind us of The Dangers of Tea Lights. And thank our lucky stars that we don’t live in the same apartment buildings as the fools who need them!