On Book Trailers

I’ve always been a little skeptical about book trailers. How can you capture the essence of something that is meant to live in each individual’s imagination  in a short video clip? It’s darn hard, and for me, it seldom works. I’ve done a lot of thinking about how I would make a book trailer, should I become fortunate enough to have a book that requires one. It involves ruins, storytelling, and stop motion animation. And if I were to win an academy award for its brilliance, in my thank you speech, I would have to thank Catherynne Valente for inspiring me with her awesome book trailers of awesome. Check out this one, for her new YA book The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making.

I’m pretty excited to read this one. It was originally published online in installments, but I’ve been saving myself for the ink and paper version so I can curl up with it on my sunny porch and get lost in September’s adventures in Fairyland for the first time. As a disclaimer, I do know Cat, the author, and was once lucky enough to stay with her on her island in Maine. She possesses an enormous faerie cat and an uncanny ability to make delicious curry. Oh, and she’s a wonderful writer, too, so check out this book!

4 thoughts on “On Book Trailers

  1. Ironically enough I’ve been going mad trying to find content to put on the store’s facebook page that wasn’t just boring reviews and just found out about book trailers and thought “That’s awesome!”.

  2. Do you still get comments if we post them on LJ?

    In any case, my dorlin’ — I want to see new trailer! Happy trailer of WOLF and CAT and FRANCE and AND STOP MOTION ANIMATION!!!

    • You can post comments in either place, luv. There is no actual new trailer yet… I’ve just been brainstorming ideas. 🙂

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