Once I played the harp in a shopping mall fountain and other true stories

Today I am a guest blogger at the Black Gate Magazine Blog! If you’re interesting in hearing about how I became a harpist and other odd tales, please check it out. It also includes an interview with the amazing Anita Best, ballad-singer extraordinaire!

Many thanks to csecooney for giving me the opportunity to guest blog!

7 thoughts on “Once I played the harp in a shopping mall fountain and other true stories

      • In-Which I state the obvious.
        Hee! πŸ˜€
        The point of twitter – from a business perspective, at least – is to regularly talk about stuff that’s relevant to your audience’s interests. Specifically so they remember that you exist.
        Tweet links to reviews of Ivan Coyote shows. Tweet links to interviews with storytellers in England. Tweet questions or Retweet comments about story-shaping. Tweet links to articles relating to the subject matter of the next OST show.
        If you are tweeting relevant stuff, your audience will *pay attention* (and keep following you). The more people who follow you, the more people you reach when you advertise OST events via twitter AND the more related-groups will RT *your* events (because you’ve been doing the same thing for them).
        At least that’s how I’m guessing it works. πŸ™‚

      • Re: In-Which I state the obvious.
        I find that, if I leave it open while I’m doing other stuff in an internet-enabled environment, I can just flick over and check things every so often and deal with it that way. (Harder to do when you don’t have internet access for extend periods of time during the day, I know).

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