Character Spark!

Here’s some eye candy, from photographer Christian Tagliavini.

I’m always a sucker for photos taken to look like paintings, but these have an eerie quality to them because of the elongated necks that takes them from pretty to story, for me at least. They remind me of the dream-based baroquepunk novel that’s living in my head, though of course these would be the ancestors of my characters…

3 thoughts on “Character Spark!

  1. What… makes… something “punk”? Like Baroquepunk… Would that be like, say, a novel set in the Baroque era, only with… pink haired rockers? Sometimes I feel so IGNORANT!
    I recently took home a steampunk anthology, but I haven’t read it yet. The whole concept is elusive. I read Wikipedia articles but still cannot get the best grasp.
    How do you FIND these photographers? What is your SECRET? These are so odd and wonderful! do the models really have long necks or is that photoshopped, or did he employ the rack and candle or those neck-stretching coils like the Padaung women?
    It’s so INTERESTING!

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