Festival Madness

So, if I may be permitted to brag for a moment: I organized the Ottawa Storytelling Festival last month and it rocked!

I still can’t think objectively about it enough to write anything useful, but I was pretty proud of the whole shebang. It was a real goal of mine to make the Festival unusual and different, so I was incredibly happy when Tim Tingle, one of our featured storytellers, wrote us a letter after the Festival and said the following:

“I will always remember the energy, the exhilarating, palpable energy filling the theater space; maybe it was the faces full of joy, the excitement that an audience feels when they realize they are present at something ground-breaking and remarkable. In the art world, certain musical stages, painting exhibits, and plays, send out this message. But in my three decades of performing and witnessing the best storytelling in the western world, I have never felt this sense of newness, of shaking the foundation to the core of what we consider to be ‘storytelling.'”


And now, here are some pictures, taken by the fantastic Colin Henein:

Ivan Coyote and Rae Spoon perform You Are Here

Tim Tingle performs Rolling Way the Rock – an incredibly moving story about the youngest inmate ever to be incarcerated at Alcatraz.

Hosting Vernacular Spectacular!

Ben Haggarty and amazing musician Sianed Jones (seriously, her vocal range blew me away) perform Frankenstein

8 thoughts on “Festival Madness

  1. This just looks so splendid! I am not at all surprised that you injected newness and trailblazery and and groundbreaking baboom into the Festival — I only wish I were there to WITNESS it!
    2012 FTW!

  2. You know what? Every time I go to post a comment on how awesome you are (getting published! again!), you go and do something even awesomer. Congratulations on such a great event. I know a lot of work and thought goes into that kind of thing. That was an amazing compliment you got. What did you do to make it more unusual and different?
    I wish I could have been there.

    • Aww, thanks, Sue! You’re so sweet!
      Storytelling festivals tend to be pretty restrictive in terms of their programming, and tend to have a kitchen table feel rather than a performance feel – which is fine, but I’d been tasked with making a splash, so that’s what we did!
      I miss your lj updates! What’s new with you? Are you still planning your move to New England?

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