Character Spark Saturday – Professional British Edition

Hello internet! The Storytelling Festival ate my life for a couple of weeks there, hence my absence. It was a pretty rousting success, which I’d like to tell you about sometime, but first, we must have our Character Spark!

So today, in an effort to make up for a few neglected Character Spark Saturdays, it is my great pleasure to share with you an actual, real life Character Spark that is funded in part by the British government.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

Basically, this shop is a front for a writing centre for kids and teens, where they can go and take classes in an effort to improve literacy. The front of the shop is set up like a store for monsters, in an effort to spark imaginations. What a cool idea, eh?

Can’t you just imagine the shopkeeper who would run a place like this? It reminds me of a series of books that I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I loved as a kid… the Magic Shop Books by Brian Coville. My favourite was Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher. I think the Monster Supply Store looks like the kind of place where you could get a dragon egg.

The Ministry of Stories is such a cool name for this project… it’s totally pulling from the Harry Potter crowd, and for a good cause! Smart!

9 thoughts on “Character Spark Saturday – Professional British Edition

  1. All of a sudden, my inner Anglophile kicked in. I want to start singing Pirates of Penzance:
    “With alllll our faults, we luh-uh-uh-ove our QUEEEEN!!!”
    Did you get my email? Your hotmail address?

    • Yes I did! I have not yet committed the reply to paper… this weekend has gotten hectic! I must first turn the pile of rubble that is my office into something that will not scare away this evening’s gaming contingent, and then I will set to it! But my overarching comment is YAY!

      • HOORAY!
        What do you think of writing each part first person by the main character?
        Part One: Mad Meg
        Part Two: Donal’s Wife
        Part Three: Sovay
        Sort of but not really like Innkeeper’s Song, since we won’t be splitting voice chapter to chapter, but it could still be TERRIBLE good fun! And also, easier for the two of us to write sections separately, allowing for change of voice and perspective?

      • I actually wrote a paragraph (which might get chucked, but hey) which is in a slightly more distant third person… I’m thinking maybe the little foot page with loose lips? would it be terrible sloppy if I switched perspectives within the section? Hrm…

      • A paragraph, a paragraph, a most congenial paragraph!!!
        Whatever you write KEEP!!!
        Part One I’m gonna write in 1st person the first time, and if I need to switch to third limited, that could also be cool!

      • Re: A paragraph, a paragraph, a most congenial paragraph!!!
        Or maybe I’ll just START with 3rd person limited to Meg. Who knows? I haven’t started it yet so I have NO IDEA!!!

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