Character Spark… what day is it?

So it isn’t Saturday anymore but you’re getting a Character Spark anyway. In the words of the great Mr. Dickens, “Take it and thank me!” Or at least have a look and see if it inspires you…

This is a photo from Japanese fashion week. They look like fox ghosts to me, perhaps intent on haunting the fox-hunters who killed them. That’s right, fox-hunters! Get on your horses and ride, case the dead fox brigade is coming for revenge!

Sorry, I’m a little punchy today. The Ottawa Storytelling Festival is next week, and the logistics are eating my brain, like little logistics zombies. Nom nom nom. Ahem. Anyway, enjoy the fox ghosts.

10 thoughts on “Character Spark… what day is it?

  1. I like the ruffs on the fox-ghost in front, and the orange fluffiness of the one blurred behind. Another one of your character sparks I may have to print out for story-writing purposes. (Seeing as I’m writing a sort-of-werefox story…)

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