Character Spark Saturday!

Technically it’s Sunday, but hey, close enough!

These ladies remind me of grown up boxcar children. Did you read those books when you were little? I don’t remember them all that well, but I do recall that a big part of the appeal was the idea of kids setting up house for themselves in a boxcar. I think these ladies are about to have a train inhabiting adventure.

The pictures are from a magazine called Fudge.

A lot of the romance of trains was killed for me by about 10 trips from Michigan to Vermont via Amtrack, wherein I witnessed a buffet of uncomfortable social faux pas, including but not limited to child neglect and racism! However, these fashionable rail-queens make me want to button on a sensible cardigan and hop a train to the prairie lands! Or at least write about someone who does.

4 thoughts on “Character Spark Saturday!

  1. Trains
    Caitlyn- When we were kids the train used to run along the river (to back up) at the base of our hill, and we would wave at the engineer. Once, they left a pump car on the tracks, and we had a ball going back and forth along the stretch below our house. ) No doubt the railway would not have approved.) Remember our (slightly uncomfortable) trip to Santa Fe? I still want to ride the trans-Canadian rail- but including a sleeper car!

  2. 😀
    Things are starting to move in this head of mine. I see children unraveling like mittens and a great, awful man made of terrible light the color of green onyx.
    Mayhap, there are trains.

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