Character Spark Saturday!

Sometimes, the setting of a story can be as much of a character as the people who inhabit it. With that in mind, this is a special place-centric edition of Character Spark Saturday!

I’m going to admit that these are images I pulled from here and there without any intention of ever re-posting them, so I’m afraid I can not direct you to the sources. Sorry, photographers. I would credit you if I could.

A grove where the faeries played amongst the lights until the Queen of Winter came and covered it in snow and left it to sleep until the Spring.

Looking down from the gyrocopter, the paper city spread out beneath her and she counted the papery walls of each arrondissement.

Though the trolls and wolves lurked ever closer in the surrounding woods, the cluster of cabins warmed itself with hearthfire and resolved to sleep soundly through the night.

9 thoughts on “Character Spark Saturday!

  1. Oh, I LOVE the idea of place as character! I forget about that sometimes, and only when I see it come alive in literature or (rarely still, but always amazing when it happens) on the stage that I think, “DAMN! I have to learn to DO that!”
    Shirley Jackson’s Hill House.
    They say Peake’s Gormengast, but I have not read.
    Dodie’s Smith’s “castle.”

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