A Queen Amongst Friends (and Poets)

So yesterday I was a feeling grumpy. It’s not that unusual, but when I mentioned it in passing to Miss C.S.E. Cooney (csecooney), she proclaimed that she would cheer me up with a poem! Any by golly, she DID! She wrote me my very own ballad! I’ve always, always wanted to be in a ballad, but you can’t really write yourself a ballad, cause that would be gauche. But Claire came to my rescue and immortalized me in song! She is truly a queen amongst friends, and poets!

Without further ado:

Sing Hey Caity-hey!
by C.S.E. Cooney

May-Caitlyn rides with her caravan
Her harp at her side, her sword, her man
The law at her heels, her house on wheels
May-Caitlyn does whatever she feels

Sing hey, Caity-hey, the leaves are green
The river winds through Lady Spring
Sweet blossoms abound upon everything
Dance off to the woods, my darlin’

May-Caitlyn sings with a big brass band
Her skirt all of lace, and an ostrich fan
The world at her feet, she turns ’em up sweet
When Caitlyn tricks, she sure does treat

Sing hey Caity-hey, the leaves are gold
The boys are shy, the girls are bold
Summer, she scoffs at the thought of cold
Dance off to the woods, my darlin’

May-Caitlyn has conquered an ogre clan
They call her Queen, and they kiss her hand
She takes the crown, but she turns ’em down
May-Caitlyn moves on to safer ground

Sing hey, Caity-hey, the leaves are red
Lord Autumn grins, for Summer’s dead
Harvest is in; we’re fat and fed
Dance off to the woods, my darlin’

Look up of an evening and search the skies
On certain nights, May-Caitlyn rides
A star for her eye, a sword at her thigh
May-Caitlyn flies and she’ll never die

Sing hey, Caity-hey, the leaves are brown
White Winter’s covered most the town
But here’s a good blaze, so gather round
Dance off to the woods, my darlin’

Miss Claire, I don’t even know how to thank you for such a thoughtful cheering-up present. I can only aspire to be as awesome as May-Caitlyn. Thank you.

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