The Big-Eyed Bunny

This video is adorable yet creepy:

Bunnies in cups are watching you.

When I was a very small child, I had a stuffed rabbit that was bigger than me. It had enormous glass eyes. My mom and aunt and grandma would hold it up in front of me and make it dance, singing the following song:

Rabbit came to my house
Thought he came to see me
He only came to tease me
Big-Eyed Bunny goes BOO, BOO!
Big-Eyed Bunny goes BOO, BOO!

It’s no wonder I often write in the horror genre.

4 thoughts on “The Big-Eyed Bunny

  1. You know, May Cait, I can’t even watch that? I saw “creepy bunny video” and I thought, “For my peace of mind, else my mind go to pieces, I am staying WELL away.” SO THERE!
    The evil song at the end that you forced me to read was BAD ENOUGH!!!

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