Character Spark Saturday!

Character Spark Wednesday is now officially Character Spark Saturday. Why? I think it has a better ring to it.

What I’ve seen start to happen with this Character Spark thing is that occasionally someone will give their own ideas for who the character might be in the comments. I love this. Let’s all play!

I’m kinda into cowboys at the moment because I just saw the trailer for the Cohen Brother’s upcoming remake of True Grit, and it looks amazing. Seriously, check it out:

So I think it’s only fitting that this week’s Character Spark features two rugged looking fellas.

I like to imagine them going in to have their photographs taken after an especially successful stage coach heist. The first sits quietly for the photographer’s portrait, but the second insists that he wants to be captured in the movement of the quick draw. It is, in his mind, the most perfect moment.

These pictures are by the amazing Billy and Hells:

Actually, Billy and Hells would be good names for these two rogues, don’t you think?

Edited to add: Thanks to Gills fantabulous website, I now know that there is ALSO an awesome poster for True Grit. Behold:

9 thoughts on “Character Spark Saturday!

    • I’m always on top of the exciting new movies because my beau runs a film review/pop culture website: This trailer made my jaw drop, especially when he showed me the original trailer with John Wayne… wow, what a difference!

      • I love me a good western. I think it is one of the most underrated film genres, and the beauty of it is that you can use it to tell any story. Many of the famous westerns like A Fistful of Dollars and The Magnificent Seven are actually retellings of old samurai stories.
        These two dashing gunslingers are both named Henry in my eyes, because they instantly reminded me of two of the great Henrys from golden age westerns. Henry King:

        And Henry Fonda:

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