Character Spark… Umm…. Saturday!

So obviously I missed Character Spark Wednesday this week. Lame, I know. I will not give you excuses that relate to storytelling festivals that are eating my brain. I will instead give you Character Spark Saturday!

This picture really reminds me of a play my parents put on for me when I was two. It was called “The Curly Tail of Hogo Run” and was about a witch who wants a baby so bad that she adopts a piglet. The piglet grows up into a strapping young pig called Pigarone and likes nothing more than to eat the magical pumpkins that grow in the beautiful garden of a princess. But one night, a wolf comes to eat the princess (my mom made the wolf mask and that sucker was terrifying, let me tell you) and so Pigarone transforms into the samurai warrior Hogo Run, defeats the wolf in an epic battle, and lives happily ever after with the princess, though I bet he continued to eat her pumpkins. This picture is how I imagined the princess, with her magical garden creeping in the door. In reality it was my mom (and at one part my dad, because they had to cover a lot of roles) with a drugstore kabuki mask, but I had a vivid imagination even then.

The picture is from Vogue Korea.

9 thoughts on “Character Spark… Umm…. Saturday!

  1. Not sure if you’re familiar with “mori kei” or “dolly/grimoire kei” (kei = style), but you might also enjoy them — they take after forest girls and vintage dolls.

    • Oh my gosh, I love it! Thanks for the tip! It’s like if Wendy told the lost boys to go hang and wandered off deeper into the forest to live with the foxes and rabbits.

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