The Large Hadron Collider and Other Animals

Setting: Last night, chilling in the bedroom.

Gill and Caitlyn watch an amusing video of The Large Hadron Collider (you can find the link here , if you’re interested). A large orange cat named Beans jumps onto the bed.

Caitlyn: Hadron. That’s a good cat name. Isn’t that a cat name from a book or movie or something?

Gill: I like it. We should get another cat someday and name it Hadron.

Caitlyn: It should be big and stupid.

Gill: Yes, very stupid, and prone to running into things. Then we can call it Large Hadron Collider.

Caitlyn: This is my cat, The Large Hadron Collider.

Beans: (Not Impressed)

Caitlyn: Or, you know, a really big rabbit. That’s a good rabbit name.

Gill: I like it better for a cat. A cat could have the attitude to pull off a name like that.

Caitlyn: Oooo. If we ever have a son, we could name HIM Hadron Collider. That would be an awesome name. No other kid would have Collider as a middle name.

Gill: Are you seriously suggesting we name our hypothetical offspring Hadron Collider Foote?

Caitlyn: Yes. Yes I am. people will think we’re physicists!

Gill: People will think we’re insane. And then they’ll think we deserved it when our hypothetical offspring murders us in our sleep.

Caitlyn: It might be worth it.

Beans: (Yawn)

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