What’s in a name?

I’m thinking about changing the name of my livejournal. Sevenravens is folksy and cute, but as I try to be more serious about updating regularly and hopefully begin building more of a readership and putting myself out in the world as a writer, I keep feeling like sevenravens just doesn’t cut it in the seeming professional department. It doesn’t have anything to do with things I’ve published (or am trying to publish) except for the previously mentioned folksy vibe. So I’m thinking about changing the name of this journal to caitlynpaxson. Simple, classy, and easy to remember, yes? No? Is it actually better to have something that’s an interesting reference rather than your name? Some of the more successful bloggers of my acquaintance have built vast readerships on such a name. What are your thoughts on journal names?

13 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. My first thought is that if you feel like the name doesn’t fit you any longer, then a change would be best. I don’t consider it a question of professionalism at all.

  2. I prefer the references because that gives me a sense of who the person is straight off… names have power and people who choose their rather than just going with convention interest me more than the norm. I’d still read you either way, of course, and there will be people who take a given name or pen name as more professional than a chosen name. I’m just not one of them.

  3. You might also want to consider starting another journal for professional purposes, so that you can choose to separate your personal life from your professional one. That said, using your real name for a journal can be tricky if you want to preserve any sense of privacy. Obviously with a professional journal that would be less of a consideration, but I do agree with thewronghands that choosing another name besides your own can help give readers an immediate concept and understanding of a blog that your name doesn’t. So you could have a new made up name for a professional journal and keep this one for private posts. And it does make sense to change your name when you feel like you’ve outgrown it.

    • Well, for a long time this journal has been more professional than personal. I post mainly about writing, and I am careful to only post things that I am fine with the whole world knowing…

  4. Think sevenravens is mysterious, literary, lovely with a hint of darkness and danger. Have always loved it. Would want to know the person if I didn’t know her already, just from tag.

    • Well, who am I to cast off a name that hints of danger! This is a convincing tally in the keeping column. Though I must say that you and Miss Templeton were my inspiration for a possible name change – you ladies are so professional with your self-named journals!

      • Have been thinking about this. Am flattered at the influence I wield OVER THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN RAVENS!
        On the other hand, you have Tithenai and Yukionna who seem to do, you know, fairly well!
        “csecooney” is mostly vanity, for the ease of ego-surfing my Google. Besides, it seems sometimes a separate personality from Claire anyway!
        Whatever you decide, I am behind you!

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