So, my beau Magill has this awesome website called The Back Row, where he and a posse of film-savvy miscreants discuss movies, games, and other odds and ends. There’s also a podcast – "Shouts From the Back Row", and this week, it features Magill, tithenai, and myself pondering the various incarnations of Robin Hood in film and TV. It features snarky comments, pseudo-folklore, and a fair amount of swearing. There is also at least one embarrassing story from my childhood. I even play a Robin Hood ballad on the harp. Actually, an interesting note on the ballad, which opens the podcast, is that it was the most popular song of the Renaissance. Yep, "My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone" was the "Bad Romance" of the 15th Century. It was actually so popular that no one bothered to write it down, except for Shakespeare, who recorded one line of it in Hamlet.  As Ophelia meanders onstage and makes her going-off-the-deep-end speech, she quotes, “for bonny sweet Robin was all my joy”, which is thought to be the last remaining piece of this once popular song.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the podcast! Check it out here.