All summer, I’ve been building. Pouring a foundation of contacts in the writing world. Hanging on high scaffolding to put the last few touches on the teetering bell tower of words that is my first novel, finishing it after years of work (I’m actually a little embarrassed that it took me so many years to revise it, but I think part of me knew that I just wasn’t good enough to make it shine until more recently). I’ve been laying all the bricks that have to nestle just so in order for my storytelling festival to be the amazing event I want it to be.

Not to mention I totaled a car, traveled over 6,000 miles, and attended two weddings and three conferences.

It’s no wonder I’m tired. I kinda feel like I could sleep all fall, but then I’d miss out on my favourite season (Leaves! Sweaters! Cider!) – so instead of sleeping, I’m going to find an agent, start writing a new novel, and plan a boatload of storytelling events for 2011. And maybe plan a weekend trip to Montreal, and sneak in some long bike rides by the river.

What are your plans for September?

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    • You could ride your bike! Or even your PIRATE SHIP!
      How much would it cost? I’d chip in to get you out here.
      Maybe a business trip? See what the Chicago storytelling scene is all about? RECRUIT???
      Just a thought!
      My plans for this fall? Adapt the Big Bah-Ha into a musical. Think about going to our local Chicago Windy Con in November. Go to my Mima’s 80th birthday in Phoenix at the end of October (thus missing out on the smallish chance I had of going to World Fantasy in Ohio). Watching Patty turn into a bustle-assed, sparkly-pasted Gashley Crumbette of Tinytude. Maybe sing some. Dream some.
      Really, I feel like I could sleep for a hundred years and never leave my apartment. I have GOT to slow down. Got to.

      • I would like nothing more than to visit you lovely ladies! At the moment I’m pretty committed to a few months that don’t involve suitcases, but I will definitely be heading westwards at some point for a family visit, and when I do, I will attempt to coordinate with you so as to have a Chicago vacation prelude…

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