Character Spark Wednesday (Jackpot Edition)

Last week, my facebook, college, and fellow Canadian immigrant friend Kristiana posted a link to a beautiful, Pre-Raphaeliteesqe photograph. I followed the bread crumbs and now am aware of German artist(s?) Billy and Hells:

That site is a veritable jackpot of character portraits! Here are a few of my favourites:

I want to name her Elaizabel and steal her wallpaper.

How does a monk get a black eye? Scrapping with the heathens again…

No one could bring themselves to tell her that all the Pre-Raphaelites were dead.

So many faces, and all of them have a story…

4 thoughts on “Character Spark Wednesday (Jackpot Edition)

  1. So delicious!
    Once you steal Elaizabel’s wallpaper, I’d help you put it up. So long as you invite the monk. I’d show him how to scrap with a heathen all right… IN THE SHOWER!

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