Working from home is turning me into a hermit. You think I’m exaggerating, but at an event I went to for work last week, I found myself struggling to make small talk with an acquaintance and actually confessed to her that it was because I’d forgotten how to talk to people. So, in the interest of human contact, I’m going to try to update this journal more. I think this resolution may be a little backwards, but it makes sense to me.

Today I was forced to overcome my ever-increasing tendency to spend my entire day sitting in front of my computer in a bathrobe when Kim Kilpatrick, a fellow storyteller, asked me to accompany her to the Rogers TV station. She’s performing in a show that I artistic directed at the NAC this week, and the Happy Morning Hosts wanted to interview her. So I braided my hair into a crown and put on makeup (gasp) and changed out of my robe and into actual clothes (double gasp). Then I met Kim at a coffee shop and ate a lemon poppy seed muffin. It was yummy. Then we made our way out to the Rogers station.

We settled happily in the waiting room, along with other guests, like How To Get Your Kids To Eat Grapefruit Lady, and Trans Fats Are Bad Man (who was followed, ironically, by Pancake Cookies With Maple Cream Lady). The hosts came out to meet Kim, and they were just like fluffy news anchors the world over – very charming and enthusiastic, like they’re constantly on the air. They took one look at my eccentric hair and decided that I should be on TV, too. Readers, I could not protest, as hyping up storytelling is my job. Also, I am a total ham. So on to TV we went, and Kim’s seeing eye dog Gia totally stole the show by being adorable. Let’s hope that swarms of people come to the show in hope of petting her.

When I got home, I smiled at Magill and told him I’d been on TV.

“Um, honey…” he said.


“You have a poppy seeds stuck in your teeth.”

And thus my glamorous career in TV begins…

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  1. BWAHAHAHA! I mean — Aww. No one could NOTICE a poppyseed in your teeth when your stunning pre-Raphaelite hair is in a CROWN, beautiful lady. 🙂 Yay storytelling!

  2. Oh, whenever I get a chance to stay in for a while, I NEVER want to leave. BATHROBES! I get singularly cranky when told I must bestir myself, and dress, and wash, and put on make-up. But I USUALLY end up having fun.
    I’m glad YOU did.
    I didn’t know you were a ham. I SHOULD’VE GUESSED!
    Let me know when you get my Long Letter of Long!

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