Step right up!

Last Friday night, Gill, myself, and our friends Mike and Erica ventured out to a 1930’s style Carnivale! We went for the $15 Midway tickets, and I admit to feeling a little sad that we weren’t seeing one of the big top shows, but for $60 a seat it wasn’t going to happen. I needn’t have worried – the Midway tickets were everything I had hoped for and more! Giant snakes! Ancient rides! Curiosities galore! Gothy oompa music! And now, for the photographic evidence:

We arrive! Fans of the HBO show Carnivale (and if you aren’t, you should be) will notice a certain uncanny resemblance between this gate and the one in the show…

This trailer was full of fun stuff. Besides the attractions advertised on the side (and they claimed it was the ACTUAL Barnum Fiji Mermaid!) there was also a shriveled glory hand, an extremely grumpy looking shrunken head, and one of the original exploding Kewpie Doll – apparently they were made of sodium nitrate and would occasionally get too hot in the sun and blow off the hands of small children.

This ferris wheel is from 1917. It shimmies and creaks. I still can’t believe I rode it twice.

I think we look like carnivale ghosts in this one…

This blurry picture is of The Unsettlers, the gothy oompah band extraordinaire! They were a big highlight of the carnivale, with songs such as “Zombie Stole my Girlfriend” to their credit. At one point we were over playing the carny games, and they danced up to us, instruments in hand, and began a private serenade. We started waltzing, of course, and they circled around us, playing and shouting “Lovers! Love! It will end it tears!” in their big, growly voices. It was pure carnivale magic, I tell ya.

And the final view, pockets emptied, heads full of wonders…

7 thoughts on “Step right up!

      Love it!
      Never been to something like this, it looks very atmospheric. I’m glad to know that shrunken heads and oompapa-oompapa music are still a viable draw in this universe!
      Those Ferris wheels are fun but slightly terrifying. I’ve always resisted riding on one, even though I’ve had many-a-ride on other puke-inducing contraptions. The pier in Santa Monica has a big ole ferris wheel, and when Catherine visited me in L.A. we rode it- and- well, we were excited to be there, but nevertheless cowering in the bottom of our little capsule/bucket thing giddy and chattering over the prospect off falling out of the ferris wheel and into the ocean.
      Now I feel the need to listen to “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite” by Les Beatles…

        I spent the entire first ride in that thing clutching Magill’s hand an imagining death by impalement on circus tent pole. But the second ride was fun. The whole thing was tres Mr. Kite.

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