Now with sound effects!

In this post, I mentioned that the British zine
New Fairy Tales accepted a story of mine called The Parrot Prince.

If you go here, you will find an audio version of the story as performed by actress Hayley Riby! It has sound effects! And music! Glee! It’s kind of surreal to listen to someone else read something I wrote… there’s a weird disconnect, as if it wasn’t really my story at all. Her adorable accent makes it sound so grown up and serious! I think I may need to hire a British actress to read all of my short fiction aloud to me – you know, just for kicks!

7 thoughts on “Now with sound effects!

  1. I found your journal while doing a random sort of search for interesting writerly people to read, and I realy enjoy the way you weave your words.I hope you will not mind that I added you?

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