I swear it shall be done!

So, here’s the thing. I have promised myself that I will finish revising my novel before I go to Readercon on July 9. I have promised myself this for two reasons:

1. So that I will have motivation to work on revising it , which greatly resembles pushing apples up one nostril and then pulling them out the other nostril, only somehow they become oranges whilst in my nose. You can see why the motivation is key. And deadlines, even self imposed ones, help with motivation.

2. So that if asked by agents, editors, well known authors, literary gods, etc. if I have written a novel, I can say “yes,” instead of having to say, “yes, well, mostly, except I’m only part way through a major edit that kinda changes several major plot points that I still need to rethink.” You can see why being able to say the former is preferable. I would just lie, except I’m rubbish at lying and would most certainly admit to having lied mere seconds later to ease my guilt, thereby causing said agents, editors, well known authors, literary gods, etc. to think I am off my rocker.

The problem with this is that I am also rubbish at keeping promises to myself when there is no one to disappoint except for myself. I am a little too okay with disappointing myself when it comes to self-imposed deadlines. However, I am not at all okay with disappointing other people.

So, PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET! I hereby vow that I SHALL finish my novel edits before the 9th of July! I VOW IT TO YOU!

In the spirit of showing that I am keeping this promise, I think I will post occasional updates as to how the editing is going. You know, like an actual writer who is writing an actual book and keeping a blog about it! This is probably only exciting for me, but I’m okay with that.

So, tonight I re-wrote the dialogue for when our heroine meets the witch, thereby explaining our heroine’s motivation for remaining an a creepy little town in the middle of France.
Also, I added a glass of rum, and took out Sebastian, who is being removed from the final draft as he serves to purpose except to be not as cool as Julian, and really, it’s obvious that no one is as cool as Julian.

Which bring the tally to page 91 of 262.

Oh boy.

2 thoughts on “I swear it shall be done!

  1. Wait, is this your Likeness of Beasts novel? I was just thinking today that I might like to reread it again (I still have the file and a printout. Yes, really). Partly because I read your fiddler story in Dante’s Heart, and liked it, and partly because I’ve been feeling guilty about not getting back to you on your playing cards story, which was cool. I’m sure if I reread it, I’d have something more constructive to say.
    So if it helps, I’d love to read the next version of the novel in a few weeks’ time, instead. Nudge, nudge.
    Also, I will tell you, my friend, and your internet-reading public, that I intend to finish the quilt I’ve been working on for years, on and off, and finally get it done before my birthday this year, which means before July 22 when I leave for a Colorado trip that will include my birthday. There are of course any number of other things I should be doing too, but any project finished is progress, right?

    • It is in fact the same old novel! I just can’t let it go until I get it right, you know? I feel like it has such potential, if I can just arrange the bones correctly.
      You’re really sweet! I’m glad you liked the fiddler story, and don’t feel bad about the card story – it has now been refused by just about every publication I could send it to and I am forced to admit to myself that it really is the first chapter in a novel, and not a short story at all.
      So, I would love to have you read the new! and improved! version of the novel when I finish it (July 9, ahem)!
      And I will also be expecting a photo of said quilt on or just after July 22. 🙂

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