Mother Nature


A HUGE and TOTALLY RANDOM gust of wind just whipped through our neighborhood, tearing the side off of the house next to ours and the roof off of the house across the street. Our neighbor’s topiary bushes blew off the porch and shattered on the driveway and the pillow from her deck chair is wedged up in the underside of the stairs that lead to the upstairs apartments. A dumpster blew from the parking lot across the street into the road.

It continued for several minutes, and I was violently transported back to my Midwestern childhood and my deep fear of tornadoes. I shrieked to Magill that we should grab the cats and run into the basement… and then remembered that I live in Ontario now, and not in a tornado belt. Suddenly it all became kind of fun (though not for our poor neighbors, I imagine)…

I feel I should mention that my new tomato seedlings remained serenely where I left them in their little pots. The wind that tore apart houses didn’t move them an inch! They must be blessed little plants, and will surely produce brave and heroic tomatoes one day.

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