A La Mode

I’ll admit it. I love clothing. I love skirts that swish and jackets that nip in at the waist and sweaters that wrap me up in soft ropes of cable-knit. I love little buttoned boots and brightly colored scarves – god do I love scarves – and I love rakish fingerless gloves. I love the way that clothing can bend my personality towards a certain character, and I can channel just a touch of Titania, Maid Marian, or Alice. Then I can tilt my chin with the confidence of a Queen of Faerie, a walk through the park becomes a foray into Sherwood forest, and Wonderland waits around every corner.

I know it sounds a little silly for a grown woman to secretly play dress-up. But we are allowed so few flights of fancy after we become adults – so few games of make believe are tolerated in every day society. And that’s why fashion is important.

So here are a few things that inspire my fashion sense. I’d like one of each, please. Only in comfy, machine washable fabrics, if it’s not too much trouble!

6 thoughts on “A La Mode

  1. I want that dress/overcoat combination in the third picture in the second row. Where is it from? Love the dustiness of the khaki against the peacock blue.

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