Questing for Palimpsest

What am I going to do today?

Scour the independent booksellers of this Fair City until I find a copy of Palimpsest, yuki_onna‘s new book.

Well, that and go to work. But work is clearly secondary in importance.

Seriously, check this one out. It has trains and tattoos and mysterious cities and naughty bits! And what more could you ask for, really?

And while I’m at it, here’s a trailer for the book. Yes, you heard that right. A trailer for a book. You know you want to watch it!

2 thoughts on “Questing for Palimpsest

  1. Bardo!
    Just checking your livejournal- and saw this intriguing entry. The author must have read the Tibetan Book of the Dead- for this sounds like a description of the Bardo-(Where Buddhists first go when they die,) and encounter all sorts of personal and not-so-personal demons, are tempted by the pleasures of the flesh, and finally, if they have not succumbed to temptation, but desire to continue on, choose a new physical body by observing copulating couples. This process takes 49 days (back in the world of the living,) during which time family and monks must chant mantras to assist the dead on their journey through the Bardo and to reincarnation. Check it out. Mums

    • Re: Bardo!
      Pleasures of the flesh!!!!!!!!!!!!! What interesting facts, there.
      I still need to get “the Orphans Tale(s)” & read ’em first before this one.
      But having a trailer for a book is pretty spiffy, I must say.

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