You too can look like a faerie princess!

Many of you know my friend Betsie. She makes beautiful things. Seriously, every time I wear something that she made for me, I am bathed in compliments. It’s like wearing art. It IS wearing art.

And now, you too can wear Betsie’s art, because she has a brand new Etsy shop!

The Faerie Market

She has made the most lovely scarves, and they would make PERFECT Christmas presents! Here’s an example:

I am totally in love with her designs, and I hope you will be, too! If you like these as much as I do, or even just a fraction as much as I do, please pass on the link to someone you know who might like them, too.

6 thoughts on “You too can look like a faerie princess!

  1. Caitlyn!
    Thanks for being a fabulous scarf pimp! You’re the best! Thank you! I have two sales already because of you, but I have a feeling I’m going to have to come out of my internet shell if I want to reach more people.
    I’ve been making some other goodies over the past couple of days- embroidered and hand-painted leafy-flowery hair clips with pearl embellishments, but I still have to take pictures of them. I do get lots of compliments on them whenever I wear them to work at Anthropologie. I’m curious to start experimenting with headbands and maybe some embroidered necklaces once I get home, oh, and some simple leaf garlands. There I’ll have a sewing machine that actually WORKS and I can make more leaves.
    I’ve been reading around the Etsy forums a bit, and supposedly some customers are wary of purchasing hair accessories that have been worn, even if very briefly in a model’s hair. Hm… I might just keep the display versions of any hair accessories I use to photograph and make new if someone actually orders one. What do you think?
    Thanks a million, girl!
    How’s the House of Usher? IS IT OPEN???????????????????????

    • You are most welcome, Miss Betsie! I think the world, and your sales, could only profit from more of your presence on the internet. We should do the Betsie Caitlyn Blog!
      You could have stock photos showing a model wearing a sample of the hair thingy, and then non-modeled photos of the actual item for sale.
      It’s barely enough to keep you in stockings and fans!

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