Witches are Made of Wood

This year, I was finally able to participate in the fine Foote family tradition of scaring the bejesus out of neighborhood children on Halloween.

This is Magill, rather convincingly got-up as a zombie (seriously, when he appeared with that make-up on, I was actually a little bit afraid) and myself as a witch, preparing to douse him in fake blood. Our fake blood was rather pink, as the only food coloring we had was in pastel shades.

I think my favourite moment was when a man took his two year old over to the tent where zombie Magill sat. Gill was gnawing on a human arm and guarding the candy bowl, so naturally the toddler took one look at Gill and started to cry. Magill, being the non-toddler-hater that he is, dropped the zombie act and started singing a cheery tune. The toddler’s look of terror doubled, and he began to shriek. I guess singing zombies are scarier…

And here I am with Gill’s dad.

I don’t know why I look so delighted in this picture, as that terrifying clown mask is clearly about to devour my head.

I hope you all had spooky a Halloween!