Caitlyn Gets Her Gun at Saloncon

I really like this picture of myself and sarisa from Saloncon. I think it was taken by the con’s official photographer personage. I don’t look dead tired, which is more than can be said of most of the photos of me from the con!

And this is one of the only decent pictures I got with my camera, featuring tithenai, myself, and sarisa:

I think we made a pretty good show of it, costume-wise, considering it was all stuff we already had. For the record, I don’t think I spent more than $20 on anything I’m wearing in this picture. Well, the hat and pistol probably cost more than that, but they were a gift and borrowed, respectively.

And I think this last picture of tithenai and yuki_onna is especially lovely. I keep meaning to write a fifth Saloncon letter thanking yuki_onna for her awesome panel of awesomeness during which she talked about being a real live writer. It was terrifying and inspiring, and gave me hope for setting my stories onto the path through the forest of publishing. Or something like that, but less pretentious sounding. Yes.

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