In Love With The Fall

The Fall is a beautiful, dreamlike movie. It’s a story about the power of storytelling, in which a story that begins with manipulation ends with redemption. It made me weep, it made me delight, and it was visually stunning beyond my expectations.

In fact, rather than use more words to recommend it, here are some images:

5 thoughts on “In Love With The Fall

  1. ZOMG!!! Is this the one where this guy’s telling this kid a story while she’s in a hospital bed or something? I SAW TRAILERS AND I WANTSS IT PRECIOUSS!

  2. I kept trying and trying to see this one when it was playing nearish here, but it didn’t happen — however! I watched the trailer obsessively and am just waiting for my amazon shipment. I really can’t *wait* to see it. Gagh! So glad you liked it. I think I’m startin’ to trust your taste!

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