Why oh why do I let Magill use my computer?

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  1. ‘Coz you looooooooove him? (Another bit of proof for the Canadian government! “I let my oddball boyfriend USE my COMPUTER.”)
    Annnnd about tomorrow, yes, yes, still working things out! ; ) The bridal shower’s at 2:00, and will probably be a couple of hours, and I’ll have to see after that… Today’s left me a bit exhausted, and I’m trying to see if I can bow out of tomorrow’s.

    • Well actually, in this case, it’s because I love Spore. I was using his computer to play it, so I pretty much had to let him use mine. And while he was using it, he posted on my livejournal. I believe it said something about my coochie smelling like wasabi. I rapidly changed it to the above entry. Ahem.
      He also changed my status on facebook to say that I fart loud enough to wake the neighbors (clearly, he was actually talking about himself).
      The fact that I still love him really should be enough to meet the government’s satisfaction!
      Just let me know what you feel like tomorrow. If you’re worn out, we could always just hang out chez moi and eat cheese. That doesn’t take too much effort! 🙂

  2. josh tries new linux distros out on my computer – new UNSTABLE distros that screw things up badly enough to warrant a reformat. that and he tests random old computer parts that end up frying my keyboard and mouse, grrr.
    i’m envious that you have spire. i’ve been lusting after that game for 3 years now, and of course it gets released right when we are broke! gah.

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