Last night, we went to see Wanted. Yes, yes, I know it was an unlikely idea. But I have a soft spot for Mr. Tumnus, I mean James McAvoy, so I went along anyway. It was an action movie – explosions, senseless violence, etc. But it tried to use an ancient folkloric motif. There will now be spoilers, so if you don’t want to read them, stop reading. The thing which I should have liked most about this movie, besides Mr. Tumnus, I mean James McAvoy, was also the thing that I had the biggest problem with – The Loom of Fate, which conveys the names of bad people through a binary code so that the magical loom assassins can kill them. To prevent more killing. You’re right – it *doesn’t* make sense. I mean, the idea of fate being woven is totally from folklore, so I dig it. But they never explain how a group of weavers realized that their cloth was talking to them and telling them to kill people. So you get a bunch of modern assassins running around with scraps of fabric and guns, convinced that they are killing for the greater good. Because the fabric told them to. Yeah. So in the final act, you end up with a room full of people holding guns, and then Morgan Freeman is like, are you going to choose the fabric, or me? And the heroine (a very brittle looking Angelina) chooses the fabric. Dude, the right choice is always Morgan Freeman. He speaks for the penguins.

2 thoughts on “THE FABRIC TOLD ME TO DO IT

    • Thank you! 😉
      I kept waiting for McAvoy to be like, wait, you want me to kill people because of some flawed fabric? YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAZY. But that just never really happened.
      The Penguin King is always right.

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