Oh Canada

I have to say, it’s really lovely to be living in a country that I can feel unreservedly patriotic about. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother country. But let’s face it – the USA is a dysfunctional mommy. I have great, great hopes for Obama. His speeches make me cry, just because it’d SO Nice to be able to believe in someone, and in a bright future for my motherland. And look how beautiful America is:

The road along Lake Michigan, near where my folks live

The nearby river, and Mount Baldhead.

But that being said, CANADA ROCKS MY WORLD. I know that no country is perfect, but Canada comes pretty close, as far as my life is concerned.

Happy (belated) Canada Day.

One thought on “Oh Canada

  1. Canada IS
    Canada, to be frank, IS your real motherland. Well, your Grandmotherland anyhoo. Ethyl Maude King was born in St. Catherine’s and raised in Saskatoon, and mom spent a lot of time there as a kid, so that makes you at least part Canadian from the get-go. But you knew that!

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