Eglantine, Eglantine, oh how you shine!

No, this post is not about my enduring love for the movie “Bedknobs and Broomsticks,” though I could wax poetic about its many charms. This post is an ode to my slightly creaky but ever lovely bicycle. Her name is Eglantine.

Isn’t she lovely? We went for a ride to Rockliffe Park to smell the flowers and enjoy the Waterbabies fountain and faux-crumbling pillars.

It puts me in mind of the movie version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where they all ride around the forest on bicycles. Only I didn’t see any faeries. Boo.

In other, more fangirly news, the author Charles De Lint is having a garage sale on Saturday, and we are going. To browse books culled from his personal collection. Oh yeah. Ottawa rocks.

14 thoughts on “Eglantine, Eglantine, oh how you shine!

  1. Oh, Eglantine’s lovely! At what a perfect name for such a bicycle…
    Charles De Lint is having a garage sale on Saturday
    Be sure to get there EARLY. They’ve started putting up a little rope boundary to prevent people from pouncing on stuff before they’re officially open. I used to help them out with it. I hope the weather’s nice!
    (Then again, if it isn’t, maybe some folk’ll be deterred and you’ll have better access to the pretties!)
    Maybe I’ll see you there! But also, do you want to do lunch sometime this week / next week? I can’t Friday, but Wednesday or Thursday both work, and I get an hour…

    • I figured that the sale will be swamped- but it will be fun to look at whatever is there, none the less!
      I’d love to have lunch this week. I’m working from home, so I can get away whenever- Thursday sounds grand. What time is your break, and where would be a good spot close to your office?

      • I usually take lunch between 12:00 and 1:00, and where we go is up to what you’d like to eat, because I think there’s pretty much everything and anything within a two block radius of this building. I’m at 200 Kent (Kent/Laurier). If you’ve never yet been to the Scone Witch, though, I’d love to be the one to introduce you to it, if you like savoury scones made into sandwiches at all… Otherwise there are Thai, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Vietnamese and Japanese options within easy walking distance, or the catch-all cafe that’s got pretty yummy stuff on the main floor of this building… ; )

      • Sounds like a plan! If you get there before me, snag a table — it’ll get very busy very quickly, from what I’ve seen of it ’round lunch time.

      • Thanks! That picture is from when we was itsy bitsy. Now he is titanic. Seriously, he weighs so much that he puts your legs to sleep when he sits on you.

  2. Oh, dear. Would you like to know what the VERY first thing I bought with me new student loan disbursement was? Two Charles DeLint collections. I am jealous. You must give us updates about your treasures.
    Your bicycle is lovely; I hope you ride her wearing long skirts, and perhaps try to sing like Angela Lansbury at the same time. My bicycle (pictured above) is named Phineas, after the Victorian gentleman who traveled the world in eighty days.

    • De Lint lives here in Ottawa- I’ve met him at a pub night where he plays sometimes! *fangirl squee*
      Phineas is a delightful name for a bike. So fitting!
      I still haven’t quite worked out the skirt/bike thing. Either I flash oncoming traffic or my skirt gets caught in the brakes!

      • Hmmm. I have had the brake problem, as well, but I solved the flashing problem by wearing gaucho pants, bloomers, or bike shorts under the skirt.
        I think Victorian ladies used to kind of tuck their skirts up behind them when they bicycled, but I haven’t worked it out yet. If you come up with the solution let me know. It would be a boon to skirt wearing bikers everywhere . . .
        What does DeLint play? If it’s the fiddle I might die right now.

      • Yeah, I did finally figure out the shorts/blommer/etc. thing, though I still feel weirdly self conscious about my skirt flying willy-nilly. If I figure out a successful tuck, I’ll let you know.
        Though I seem to recall that one of the reasons that it became acceptable for women to wear those outside bloomer/pants things was because it was difficult for them to ride bicycles in big skirts. I may have to look that up.
        De Lint plays guitar and sings.

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