Bold Robin of Famous Renown

Last year I bought an old Raleigh bicycle (with fenders) for sixty dollars. Her name is Eglantine. Today I took her in to a tiny bike shop that just opened up the street so that she can get a tune-up, and be all happy and shiny for the summer! For some reason, this makes me feel really pleased with myself- I’m not sure why- I am just paying some dude with arm tattoos to pinch my tires and turn some screws. Wow, that sounds dirty. Anyway, I don’t know why I feel so self-satisfied. But I do.

In other news, I am growing basil, cilantro, and lettuce in window boxes on my porch! I’m especially proud of the lettuce- I planted seeds, and now they’re sprouting happily and looking all baby lettuce-y and I feel like a proud mother. Mother of lettuce.

Also, I am learning the ballad “The Death of Robin Hood” on the harp. It’s terribly gloomy, and doesn’t alway make sense (why would a nun want to bleed Robin Hood to death?), but I love it anyway. I have to be careful of the lyrics, because Magill makes up dirty versions of the ballads I sing and sometimes if I don’t pay attention to myself, I sing the dirty version by mistake! You don’t even want to know what he turned “He drew a lusty strong bow” into. No really, you don’t.

Sometimes Beans gets the funniest expressions on his little cat face. I call this one “Smug.”

2 thoughts on “Bold Robin of Famous Renown

  1. Vintage bikes with fenders are pretty much made to make one feel self-satisfied, especially when they have a drop-bar and you can ride them around town in skirts feeling vintage right along with the bike.
    (at least that’s what I do on mine).

    • Mine has a drop-bar but I’m still working on the skirt thing. If they’re long skirts they get caught in my brakes and if they’re short skirts they blow up and I flash oncoming traffic.

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