The Pearls That Were His Eyes

Since the octie was a hit, I thought I’d share some pictures of Magill’s squid monster hat and cephalopod-embroidered scarf. I don’t know why I feel this strong link between knitting and sea creatures, but I do recognize that it is a bit strange.

7 thoughts on “The Pearls That Were His Eyes

    • Thanks! Beechwood Cemetery is one of the biggest in Canada, and it’s two blocks from my house! It even has its own forest! Gil and I really like going for walks there and reading all the strange names on the tombstones.
      How are you? Settling in?

  1. Perhaps you don’t want to hear from me, but I feel compelled to say that the sea-creature embroidery is remarkable. I just made Rob a knitted hat from a pattern I invented, but the reduction at the top didn’t come out and now I feel inadequate. 😦 Anyway, lovely! Carry on.

    • Thanks! I really enjoy doing free hand embroidery on my knitting projects… more than the actual knitting, in fact. Reduction always screws me up, too. I forget to count at the beginning and it turns into a disaster.
      I don’t mind hearing from you at all! I hope you’re doing well. I hear that you guys had fun playing Munchkin- I knew it was just the kind of geeky, competitive yet sometimes cooperative game that you all would enjoy. Is Rob your new beau?

      • We certainly did love Munchkin- introduced by Gary’s new beau. It was a fearsome battle, which I lost (Gary, Cedric, and Ashley were all duking it out at level 9 while I was still stuck at level 3 . . . )
        Rob is indeed my slightly-less-new-than-Gary’s-beau beau. We’ve been together since October, and are moving in together in a few weeks. We met through folk music and contra dance. Among other perks, he plays the bagpipes.
        My reduction problem . . . I had been inspired by your Cake Hat to try and make a flat top, but I went too fast and the edges turned out to be pointy. Like a Crown Hat, perhaps.
        I’m glad you didn’t mind me saying hi. I’ve missed you. Now I shall go and rip out the top of the Crown Hat . . . for approximately the eleventy-first time. Sigh!

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