Down in the deep…

I realized that I never posted a picture of the knitted octie I made last winter for my dear friend Betsie. I was sending her Pirate Mail, and Pirate Mail is just not Pirate Mail without a cephalopod. so here he is:

Sorry it’s a terrible picture- that was back when I was using The Beast for a camera. It’s almost older than me and weighs as much as a small child. And takes very mediocre pictures. But you get the idea.

12 thoughts on “Down in the deep…

  1. awesome! I love him! They make some really neat books for making stuffed animals via knitting. Also, have you been to ? they have a whole knitting section and I bet they have a ton of patterns there. They have a harry potter knitting book too – my mom made me Errol from it!

    • Thank you! I’m actually not very good at following knitting patterns… I kinda have to make things up as I go along or I get bored and give up.
      How is zee petit bebe? Are you getting more sleep?

  2. hello from the fabled needle!
    Hi Caitlyn! Thank you commenting on I Made It Monday! You know, I agree that sea creatures and knitting go really well together – the octie is adorable.

    • Re: hello from the fabled needle!
      Thank you! I really enjoyed I Made it Monday- I always like seeing your various projects, and it gave me the push I needed to actually put up a few pictures of my own.

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