Winter is seriously getting me down. Seriously. I look at pictures of tulips and tear up.

But enough of this wimble-wimble! There are lots of things to be happy about! A list, in no particular order:

1. The sunbeam on my bed, which I am currently sharing with both of my cats. It is not a large sunbeam- we look like a box of cinnabuns, all curled up together. I really wish my camera wasn’t in the other room.

2. Magill has magical techno powers and has transferred a number of folksy songs from an old cassette tape of mine (not available in CD) into MP3 files. Magical! Banjo! Pirates! Yay!

3. Sonjel (a dear friend from boarding school) is coming to town next week and will be staying with us! That year in boarding school, we were practically Siamese twins, and since then, she has gotten married and I have lived in three different countries.

4. The Beatles. How did I miss this for 24 years? Also, the version of “I’ve Just Seen a Face” from Across the Universe, as sung by the cute British actor who smirks in all the right places and has the most ADORABLE accent. I think he looks a little like Magill. But then, I tend to think that all the actor-types I find attractive look like Magill, so maybe it’s just me.

5. “Spriggans!” has a lovely frame of it’s very own! It’s an illustration that my friend Betsie drew several years ago, featuring herself and myself in a misty field, surrounded by those tricksy faerie types called spriggans. I’ve been meaning to frame it for years, and could finally afford it.

6. Games night. Magill came up with some great new Last Night on Earth scenarios, and I can’t wait to try them out this Sunday.

7. I found this amazing seamstress on Etsy (like Ebay but handmade instead of used)- she makes beautious clothing that has a historical feel to it but looks modern and so comfy… I ordered a dress and a hooded tunic! The prices are actually reasonable, considering that she makes everything to order and to your measurements, and you’re supporting a small, sustainable business. If you feel like having an oogle, go to So pretty!

Okay, I’m off to a rehearsal.

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  1. I called your mom last week, and she told me that Sonjel was visiting you- hope it was fun!
    I’m glad you’ve discovered the joy that is The Beatles, as you know, I love ’em! I’ve yet to see “Across the Universe”, sadly, I don’t have the time to watch movies anymore, but I love Julie Taymor’s work, so hopefully I’ll get around to it!
    Yay, “Spriggans” has a frame!! I can’t believe that I drew it “several years ago” already- where does the time go?
    Oh no, Eva Cassidy flashback:
    For Whoooooooooo knooooows where the time goooooooooooes!!! ( That’s actually a Sandy Denny song).
    I miss you, Miss Caitlyn! And I still have gifts & assorted goodies from Paris and elsewhere to send to you…

    • My mom mentioned that you called- she was real happy to hear from you! Across the Universe is fan-bloody-tastic. When you get a chance to see it, say YES PLEASE.
      Spriggans looks great- I should post a picture of it in its frame. I don’t know where the time goes. And I don’t know why I sound so dull in this comment. Where o where is my brain?
      I miss you, too, Miss Betsie! Ya hey!

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