Games I have been enjoying:
Last Night on Earth (Zombies!)

Book I keep meaning to read:
The Secret History of Moscow

Books I am actually reading:
A fantasy novel written by a new friend of mine.
Sunshine (I have read this book sooo many times, not because it is all that good as far as books go, but because the main character is so darn compelling that I want to spend time with her).

Bands I have fallen in love with:
The Beatles (I’m a bit slow- I know. I have to admit this was because of the movie Across the Universe… which is a kind of lame thing to admit, but it really is a fan-bloody-tastic movie. You should rent it asap).

Strange instruments that I heard for the first time live:
Base steel drums

TV shows I have been enjoying:
Lost (This show is like an abusive relationship- it’s so mean to me but I keep forgiving it because I know it loves me. Yes, I know this is crazy-talk).

Movies I went to see in the theatre:
Penelope (I want her wardrobe).
Spiderwick Chronicles

Schools I have called to survey about their arts programs (current job):

Schools remaining:

Pounds my cat Beans seems to have gained in the past week:

Cookies eaten:
Too many.

4 thoughts on “February

    • I will bug Magill about trying these out- he says that Apples to Apples might get ugly with our group of players…
      I loved the first two seasons of Weeds, but the third is kind of eh. I think it’s because they all keep making such bad decisions, I kind of want them to get caught so that someone will sort them out!

      • There are two versions of Settlers – a 2 player card game and a 4-6 player board game. Get the board game!
        Apples to Apples comes with blank cards for you to add your own words. I swear the game is much more fun with the addition of a “penis” card.
        Quarto is a two player game and is tons of fun.
        There is another one, but damned if I can remember it’s name…Cardas…something. It’s a french name I think. Something to do with castles. One of our friend’s have it and we’ve played it a few times but don’t own it (yet).
        Judging by the last episode (the latest one, 3rd season?) I wonder if they will be doing anymore? I mean, I hope they do as they don’t wrap everything up, but there is a sense of finality to it, so who knows. I was happy when Silas got beat up, I never forgave him for getting his GF pregnant and the asshole things he did to her.

      • Penis makes everything funnier.
        We’re still making our way through season 3, so we haven’t gotten to that episode yet. I never forgave Silas, either. He’s an ass-hat. I really like Shane, though. I kind of want things to work out, for his sake.

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