Very well I like your rosey cheek, very well I like your chin…

I am very fortunate in that I have three jobs at the moment. All of them are even at least fairly interesting. However, all this working paying jobs is seriously cutting into my reading and writing time. Bah!
I got a fair number of books for Christmas, and, in typical fashion, am partway through three of them. Of the three, London’s Underworld (all about the history of crime in London, starting with sundry highwaymen) is keeping the most of my attention. The other two are fiction- The Secret History of Moscow and Hugo Cabret. Normally I’d be all about the fiction- but in my old age, I’m getting so fussy about fiction that I almost prefer non-fiction.
The best Christmas books, by the way, were Volume I of Absolute Sandman from Magill and a book of Moomin comics from my mumsie. I think that moomins know all the great secrets of life.
In writing news, my story “The Carnivale of Abandoned Tales” should be out in Shimmer magazine presently. I’m determined to finish my grand re-write of “In the Likeness of Beasts” (novel numero uno) by summer, so that it can sit on my computer and await the day when I figure out how to get it published in a more satisfying form. I have to finish it, because there are characters from a new novel taking up residence in my head, and if I don’t get on with their story soon, they’re going to start painting the walls and moving around furniture up there. We’ve got to keep them busy!
I’m off to email a passel of storytellers. I tell you, trying to get them organized is like herding cats !

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