Whose zeppelin is this?

Practice for Halloween, because we all know what a hard time I have playing dress-up:

This is my “Kidnapped by Skypirates” look.

And here’s a Steampunk-Western-Firefly effort.

Fun times in Caitlyn Land.

What are YOU going to be for Halloween?

6 thoughts on “Whose zeppelin is this?

    • Thank you!
      My aunt made me a great mermaid costume when I was Phoebe’s age… the best part was the crown, all full of sparkles and shells and seaweed.
      But what are YOU going to be? 🙂

  1. very cool. i like the western look!
    I’m going as Tonks from book 7. (ala Harry Potter if you are not a fan). I have a pink wig, so I figure normal clothes, a witch hat, a wand, pink wig – viola! Pregnant Tonks. Though, for once in my life I actually have the cleavage to go as something sexy, lol.

    • That’s a great costume idea!
      You could go as sexy Tonks. A little cleavage never hurts… I hear all the werewolves are wild for it!
      When the 7th book came out, Magill and I worked at a local toy store’s book party. He did magic and I dressed up as a crazy fortune teller (Madame Eva La Zouch) and told kids that they were descended from a long line of witches and wizards. It was great! I’m not the biggest HP fan, but I appreciate what it’s done for making reading cool.

  2. Nice!
    I’m going with the Indian clothes I mentioned earlier. Now to get some paraben-free mascara and eyeliner!
    And I’ll be sure to take pictures. We can have a virtual Halloween party!

  3. Holy Crap
    Caitlyn! Yay, more journal entries!
    I love the costumes, especially the steam-punk getup with the big belt! Am I at all familiar with that bodice in the top pic (have we met?) Jesus God, I miss you, I’ve been thinking about you somethin’ fierce lately, and when I was in Michigan your mom told me all about this really great job you were interviewing for… how’d it go?
    I’ve been trying to get ahold of you via phone off and on all this past week- your phone rings about 10-20 times (being a bit dramatic there) no Caitlyn. Boo-hoo. Plz, call me, I MISS YOU LIKE THE FAT KID MISSES THE CAKE (is that how that saying goes?)
    Halloween, hmmm, sadly this year I think I’m going to be too busy with homework to do any official Halloweening, but I’ll undoubtedly dress up anyway just for kicks: probably as nature goddess meets Little Bo Peep. I’m posting some pictures of my Halloween costume from last year with the bonnet I made in my LJ (finally).
    Let me know how you are!!

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