Return of the Crypotzoologist!

There’s something about fall that makes me want to write in this journal. Not that I imagine anyone is reading anymore, given my disappearing act back in the springtime. But fee fie fo fum, here I am, back again.
In writing news, a poem of mine is going to be published by “Goblin Fruit” either in the winter or spring. It’s a steampunk ballad called “To the Royal Society of Crypozoologists, from the Concerned Daughter of a Member.” I wrote it mostly to please myself, and sent it out on a whim. There must be a lesson in that.
In working news, I wrote a technical manual. To mute, press the button marked “Mute.” Did I mention it’s a manual for the POLICE? I can’t believe the police need my help to use a remote control.
Also, my gynecologist thinks I’m a man. I actually had to go into the offices of the Ontario health insurance people and officially change my sex. To female. Because they won’t process Pap tests for men. Though you would think the very fact that I have a cervix to scrape cells off of would signify that I am in fact a woman.

Oh, and I want to be a tattooed lady for Halloween.

2 thoughts on “Return of the Crypotzoologist!

  1. Congratulations on the poem! That’s so neat. Can we read it?
    (and in vaguely related news, you might enjoy reading Girl Genius, a webcomic set in a steampunk universe that includes mad scientist-types who do machinery. Yes, the more I think of it, you should read it., and start at the beginning of the archives.)
    The beauty of the friends list–when you’re here, we’re here, at least those of us who read the pages every day.
    You would make an awesome tattooed lady. I wish we could do Halloween together. I think I’m going to wear the neat Indian dress and pants outfit that I’ve been hanging onto waiting for an excuse.

    • Thanks! It’ll go up either this winter or next spring… but I could email it to you if you’re eager to hear about the adventures of a cryptozoologist’s daughter.
      I’ll be sure to check out Girl Genius.
      I wish we could do Halloween together, too! I actually have to work on actual Halloween- the storytellers are doing a show.
      You know, if you ever want to talk (or write) about anything, I’m here!

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