Magill and I took a trip to the “Experimental Farm” around Easter time. It’s not experimental in a creepy, breeding rabbits with camels kind of way (sorry, all you fans of genetic mishap). It’s just experimental in that it’s a farm in the middle if a city. And it is the home of lots of cute.
For example:
Hello, cow.

Oh the cute.

This one’s for Liza, if she’s reading:

And Happy Beltane, for all you pagans out there.

6 thoughts on “I’M a SHEPHERDESS

  1. Very very cool. I missed our trip to the Adams Family Farm in VT for Easter, this year. Things have to change, though, I guess.

    • You’re in Michigan? Wecome, um, home? Welcome Not Ukraine! You didn’t die of TB! Yay! I’m going home for a visit at the end of the month, but I imagine that you’ll already be off on your next adventure…

  2. “Experimental Farm”, that’s great! I like the one of you having meaningful dialogue with the cow.
    “Shepherdess makes quite a mess, but little lambs are lovely!”

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