The Kindness of Strangers…

Today, Zaphod (the cat) bid farewell to her lady bits. No more going into heat! Yay!

She is doing fine, thank you, and is currently hiding under the bed, giving me dirty looks. I would give me dirty looks, too, if I were her.

But the real story is about what happened when I tried to pay the bill at the vet. My debit card was declined (I fixed it later, no worries), I don’t have a credit card because I’m a luddite, and they don’t take checks. The ladies working at the vet were not amused. No, they could not mail me the bill (even though we’d paid them for several other procedures in the past). They suggested that I go to the nearest bank machine and get them cash (not a really long walk, but far enough, especially with Zaphod crying in her crate behind the counter).
Then, a man standing behind me offered to give me a ride to the bank machine. Normally, I would have been wary of such an offer, but the vet assured me that he was a dependable sort of person, and I decided that anyone who buys fancy canned food for his five cats can’t be a bad person.
And I was right, because he actually paid for Zaphod’s surgery, drove me to the bank machine so I could get cash to pay him back, and then drove me home! He told me all about the siamese cats he bought his wife for Christmas-there were three for adoption, and he couldn’t just get one, because it would have been intimidated by his other cats, and he couldn’t get two, because the third would be lonesome. So he got all three!
Isn’t this all just to warm and fuzzy for words?

Speaking of warm and fuzzy, Aslan (the other cat) is sitting up on my lap person-style (with back legs out in front and belly exposed) and is watching me type. He’s going to start correcting my spelling next!

10 thoughts on “The Kindness of Strangers…

  1. Walter the farting shaman provides the kindness of strangers…
    That’s actually quite a nice, warm, fuzzy story there, Caitlyn. I’m glad that the energies of the universe, with their infinite, groovy vibrations are sending crystal-loving, Floating Eagle Moon Feather-type help your way, when you and Zaphod need it most.
    Cats that sit person-style are the best. Give the creature a biskwee.

    • Re: Walter the farting shaman provides the kindness of strangers…
      Yeah, and now cat things are, like, totally harmonios, man. The Kitties suddenly decided that they love each other. A little too much. Beanie thinks that Zaphod is his mom and he keeps trying to nurse. It seems to make them both happy, but it’s a little creepy. I hope he grows out of it, because he’ll probably be twice her size.
      Hey, if I call you with a calling card on the weekend, would it be free for you?
      Also, I have Pirate Mail for you, but I don’t know how to send it because my mom said that people steal your mail! Not cool! I can’t let them plunder your booty!

      • Re: Walter the farting shaman provides the kindness of strangers…
        How about I call you with my calling card? I’ll do it tomorrow. Or that would make it today!?
        Yeah, about the mail… I never got your mom’s Christmas package, but I’ve been getting all other mail regularly, including other over-sized envelopes & parcels, so I don’t really know what to make of it. The missing Christmas package might just be an isolated case, but your gift from your mom never arrived either, did it? Maybe some crook in the Saugatuck post office knows what good stuff you mom sends via mail, and keeps an eye out for good booty, maybe right now this so-and-so is enjoying our gifts. Booo! I’d like some pirate booty! Arrrr…..Arrrrrrrrrgggggggggggg!

      • Re: Walter the farting shaman provides the kindness of strangers…
        Woo hoo, I’ll talk to ya today, then!
        It wsa no surprise that I didn’t get my mom’s box, as I’ve had all sorts of trouble getting mail here. Oy Vay.

      • Re: Walter the farting shaman provides the kindness of strangers…
        Lady, I have been trying for the past two days to call you, but I always get some automated voice telling me that your phone number doesn’t exist! Doesn’t *exist*! Call me and to hell with how much it costs, my phone card is out of minutes anyway. If you get this message tonight (Sunday) call me as late as you want, or call me after class tomorrow (I get out at 3pm-ish, plus the subway ride home, well, I might dink around at the library for a few hours after school- so call me in the evening!) I know you exist! I talked to your mom today, she & Ron were all engrossed in Masterpiece Theater and didn’t have too much time to chat… call me!!

      • Re: Walter the farting shaman provides the kindness of strangers…
        Weird! I kind wondered if you’d been abducted by spriggans when I didn’t hear from you.
        I just got your message this morning, so I’ll give you a ring later on today. My parents can be so silly!
        Do you think it would help if I called you with my card instead of with skype?
        Well, it’s 8 in the am and I’m off to work at ArtsSmarts. Though I can’t say as I know any artists or smart people for that matter who start work this early in the frickin morning! 🙂
        Talk to you later!

      • Jesus and Buddha find themselves opening the same Christmas package!
        Well, this is crazy, but I just received your mom’s Christmas package! Woo-hoo and finally! I think the mailman must have taken it to Borneo en route to California! I was gifted: chocolate, hot chocolate, chai, pecans, weird soap, badgerbadgerbadgerbalm, more beautiful Italian stationary, a postcard with a strange creature on it, and a card depicting two mice riding in a palanquin on a cat, and pictures and videos of Wiggie and Bella playing and cruising for biskwee, footage of Bitchy Knickers, and Christmas at Barb & your granny’s jumbled house! And your mom told me about her art website- I love her new painting of the tree, with the trunk being comprised of all those little petal-shaped cut-outs, and the roots. And, of course, my old favorite with the sky serpent. “Hello, I’m the Thky Therpent!” There is no “Nebular Wedding” to be found, though. So I can’t say: “Hey baby, lets have a nebular wedding!”

      • Re: Jesus and Buddha find themselves opening the same Christmas package!
        Opps, I just found “Nebular Wedding”!
        I’m glad.
        I miss all of you so much!!

      • Re: Jesus and Buddha find themselves opening the same Christmas package!
        Woo hoo! Then there’s hope for the safe arrival of PIRATE MAIL!
        I sent it on Tuesday, and it should find safe port chez toi in eleven business days. Yay!
        I think Maynord (I think I spelled that wrong) and Barb Geisler bought “Nebular Wedding,” which I find endlessly amusing.

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