6 thoughts on “I capture the castle.

  1. See? Even now we’re not so different. My convents are basically the equivalent of your commune in a castle, just with added prayer and celibacy!
    (A couple of the English orders I’m looking at really do have honest to goodness medieval castles. I admit, it’s a draw…)

    • Um, go with one of the convents that has a castle, or your 14 year old self will never forgive you.
      Celibacy and Jesus combined make for a pretty big difference between commune and convent- at least I think so! 😉 But if you ever decide to divorce Jesus and give some mortal guy a whirl, you’re welcome on the commune. Of course, you’re welcome even if you remain the happily wedded bride of Christ for all eternity- but he’ll have to take his turn doing the washing up, just like everyone else. 🙂 I am such a naughty heathen- however do you put up with me?

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