Full of Beans

The kitten continues to be adorable. He sits on my lap while I type and watches the computer screen. He also really likes getting under the bed covers, and I wake up most mornings with fuzzy kitten between my toes, on my tummy, or tucked under my chin. I decided to name him Aslan, which I think will suit him when he’s older. For now, we’re calling him Beans. As in full of. What a little personality.

In other news, the Storytellers are interviewing me on Saturday for the job!

Also, Child Ballads rock my world.

10 thoughts on “Full of Beans

    • Thank you! I feel like a proud mother. ๐Ÿ™‚
      If I were going to live in a convent, there would need to be an awful lot of cats. Actually, I’m not sure if there are enough cats in the world to make me live in a convent! ๐Ÿ™‚ Aslan says, “mew.” He likes to sit in my lap while I type.

    • You know that you’re welcome, whenever you have the time and inclination! Magill got a book for his birthday that you’d love- it’s called “The Dangerous Book for Boys,” and it’s basically a guide to make boys be more like boys were in the early part of the century. There are Latin phrases and secret codes and catapult designs and all manner of useful things. And it’s a really pretty book- bound in red fabric with gold lettering. I wonder if there’s one for girls.

      • There certainly ought to be. How to knit messages in code (a la Madame Du Farge, Cecy and Kate et al), the art of the verbal duel, how to smuggle morphine in your hoop skirt, etc. The installation and supervision of secret passages.
        I’ll have to see how school recesses align with the exchequer, especially since I’d also like to get back to Maine and visit Marlboro while it’s in session and some of my friends are still attending. We’ll see.

      • I did find a sort of similar book, but it’s more about embroidery and less about morphine.
        Yeah, I have a fantasy wherein I visit Marlboro around grad- and see my few remaining friends. It will depend on finances.

      • I was thinking spring break. But grad would be nice too, because some of mine actually are graduating. Or, rather, for orals. Grad was silly, but orals were important.

      • I’d love to be there for Holly’s orals, but we’ll see. Also, Tim and Dana are on sebatical, so they wouldn’t be around over spring break- and I miss them! ๐Ÿ™‚

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