We still haven’t decided on a name. We’re thinking about Trillian, as in Prince Trillian from the Silver Chair and also as in Trillian from Hitchiker’s Guide (to go with Zaphod). Also in the running: Theodore, and James (from James and the Giant Peach-since he lived with two crazy old ladies). I wanted to give him a long, dignified name, but he’s so small and cute, it’s all I can do to not call him Pumpkin Muffin. If you have any brilliant name ideas or want to cast a vote, feel free.
And now, pictures:

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      • Oh, what a little sweetie, so adorable! And it looks like such fun… I want one! I’m just going to call him “Orange Kitty” for now, but I’ll let you know if I get hit with some bloody brilliant flash of inspiration.
        I want a cat. On Thursday I slept in a bit, and was thinking how nice it would be if I had a kitty to snuggle with. Schnuggle. Like Lump-a-Diddy. 😦 I miss giving respect to the small furry creatures with the triangles-for-ears.

      • I mean, look at his little snout, he’s so cute! And orange… and little. Aw! I can feel myself descending into the realm of saccharin cornball, but I don’t care! I’m defenseless when it comes to cute baby animals. They’re so little, they don’t know how little they are.

      • He is pretty darn cute. Though I am a bit short on sleep, what with kitten attacks at three in the morning! Right now he’s running around the house, looking for Trouble. He’s quite a little acrobat.
        I think we’ve decided to give him two names. We’re calling him Aslan when he’s angellic and probably when he’s grown up. When he’s naughty and goofy, we’re calling him Beans. Because he’s full of them!

      • Beans!
        I like the name Beans- that gives rise to Beanie or Beano… Bheeeans. Baked Beans.
        Skip Aslan,and stick with Beans, I think it’s cute, original, and highly appropriate! Besides, beans are one of the best foods ever! Baked beans! Mmmmmmm.
        Have fun with rambunctious Beans!

      • Re: Beans!
        Yeah, Beans is a good name for him. He’s even stinky. Not all the time, but yesterday morning, he did a poo so stinky it woke Magill up from a deep sleep! Stinky Beans! 🙂

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