My kitten hates me.

But then, I did abduct the poor thing and seperate it from its family and bring it to a new place where the only other car hates it. Not that I blame poor Zaphod.
The lady I got it from was totally crazy. We had to search all over the house for the kittens and then they escaped into the basement… and it was quite an experience. Now the kitten is in the bathroom, hiding behind the sink. Timalyne (who has many cats) suggested it might be best for everyone if they had some space, so the bathroom is now kitten central.
Zaphod let me pet her once, but she’s still hissing at me frequently. The kitten hisses at me if I so much as offer it my fingers, so I have only to hope that once it calms down, it will decide it likes me after all.
It’s so darn cute I want to cry.
I’ll take some pictures if it ever lets me get close enough. I’ll also try to determine gender, so that I can give the little beastie a name. Mmmm. Beastie. I kind of like that.