so little it doesn’t even know how little it is

Who’s getting a kitten tomorrow?
I am!

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  1. KITTY!
    Hey good for you! Toe-Diddy? How about it?
    Are you on now? I just wrote you a long comment on your previous entry. The question is… why don’t I write these things in my journal?

    • Re: KITTY!
      So Magill and I think that we need your help with giving the kitten a name. Obviously, we will need to meet him/her before making the final decision (and I will post pictures, lots of them). The one I think I want is sandy colored, but there are also black ones and gray ones, so we’ll see who has the best little personality.
      But here’s a list of the ideas so far.
      Girls: Mymble, Little My, Alaizabel, Appolonia, Alice, Eustacia Vye (where is this name from? It’s driving me nuts!)
      Boys: Wilheim Grimm, Raleigh, Vladamir, Snuffkin, Mr. Rochester, Alsan (well, if he’s yellow), Caspian, Auberon, The Marquis de Carabas, Ambrose
      Whaddya think?

      • Re: KITTY!
        Eustacia Vye-is from the Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy. (No I haven’t read it. I googled it!)
        and while you didn’t ask me, my favorite of those names are Vladimir, Aslan, Caspian, and Ambrose. (So clearly, I guess I’m hoping that it’s a boy!)

      • Re: KITTY!
        Google! Genius! I knew it was from a Victorian novel (which I have read but obviously don’t remember very well). I was the only person in my Victorian novel class who actually liked poor Eustacia.
        I was sure you were going to suggest some obscure biblical names.

      • Re: KITTY!
        suggesting obscure Biblical names is tempting, but of course I’m keeping all of the best ones for my own future kitties! Ambrose is a saint, though. (where did you get the name, since I imagine it wasn’t from the saint?) For that matter, Vladimir was a saint as well, and the Narnia books are totally a Christian allegory. So I’m afraid I was still being my typical self!

      • Re: KITTY!
        Ambrose is from a classic fantasy novel called Little, Big. Vladamir is just a cool name that makes me think of werewolves. And I did know that the Narnia books are a Christian allegory (remember the C.S. Lewis society that got drunk under my window at Cambridge?), which explains why there aren’t any great female names in the books. 🙂 I guess I could call the kitten Lucy or Jadis, or the Lady of the Green Kirtle.
        When I was a kid I believed in Aslan WAY more than I ever believed in Jesus.

  2. KITTEN!!!!
    pictures pictures pictures pictures pictures pictures pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry. A bit excited there.
    Tomorrow is my first day back at work (grrrr) so I will need some cheering up.

    • Re: KITTEN!!!!
      Oh, there will be pictures. And I’m going to make Magill teach me to use his video camera so I can make disgustingly cute home movies of the kitten.

      • Sometimes I get called MamaCat and that’s okay, too
        Zookeeper sounds better than “crazy cat lady”, I’ll go for that.
        Good luck with your new ball of fur (when you find him/her)!

      • Re: Sometimes I get called MamaCat and that’s okay, too
        Got any tips of how to socialize skittish kittens and/or convice your old cat that the new kitten is not the devil? New Kitten is ADORABLE but traumatized and scared of me and Zaphod is flipping out.
        You aren’t a crazy cat lady. The woman I got the kitten from was a crazy cat lady.

      • Re: Sometimes I get called MamaCat and that’s okay, too
        Keep them separate, at the moment, if you can. They both need to relax for a few (and you, too!).
        Take a cloth and rub it all over Zaphod and then rub it all over the kitten, then rub it all over Zaphod. The main problem is that cats react to strange smells of other cats. Once they start to smell the same, they’ll stop freaking out as much about each other.
        If you can, if you have two litter boxes, keep them separate at night or when you’re out, basically, when you can’t supervise (just until it seems better).
        Remember that patience is your best friend and they may not be at ease for anywhere from a few days to a whole month.
        Give them both lots of love, separately at first.
        I’ll let you know if I think of anything else. Let me know if there’s a specific problem.
        Remember that if they are hissing, they are afraid not necessarily aggressive. It is far more concerning if a cat starts screaming (but not the end of the world, either.)
        How old is Zaphod?

      • Re: Sometimes I get called MamaCat and that’s okay, too
        Thank you! I set up the baby in the bathroom with a litter box and water and a bed and all- though I don’t know if I can bear to leave herhimit in there all night. Zaphod calmed down a bit (she’s kind of a high strung cat anyway- and she’s about 2) but she’s still hissing at me when I try to pet her.
        The kitten isn’t well socialized, and seems pretty scared of me (but then, I did just rip it away from its mother and siblings). It scratched me both times I picked it up and hides from me. I’m sure that once it calms down I can make friends with it. I just don’t know how to comfort it in the mean time.

      • Re: Sometimes I get called MamaCat and that’s okay, too
        Let the kitten settle in for a bit, explore the bathroom and all that, then just keep trying to pick it up and pet it, drag strings, the usual suspects of distraction. Is the kitten a boy or a girl? How old? Was it handled much at the other house? Ours were manhandled by three children, so they were pretty well socialized by the time they got here.
        I’ve noticed that girl cats are more territorial, but 2 is likely young enough to be pretty flexible, just barely an adult kitty! Zaphod will come around, same thing with her…keep attempting to pet and play as usual. It will sort out as the smells begin to mingle.
        Birdie is such a bitch about new kittens. She’s still grumbling about Willow…but her settle time has improved mountains, since she had to incorporate FOUR new furry bodies into her realm.

      • Re: Sometimes I get called MamaCat and that’s okay, too
        The kitten is pretty scared of me- it hisses when I offer it my fingers to sniff. We kind of got off to a bad start because the stupid lady hadn’t caught them before we got there, so I had to chase the poor thing. It was a bad scene, but I really wanted to get the poor little guy out of there! I haven’t been able to determine its gender yet. I think it’s about nine weeks old. The lady warned me that she hadn’t spent a lot of time with the kittens because she didn’t want to get attached (lame, I know) but she said this one was pretty friendly and slept on the bed with her. I just hope that once the poor thing calms down,it will realize that I’m not the devil.
        I think Zaphod will come around. It just might take a while.

      • Re: Sometimes I get called MamaCat and that’s okay, too
        It will work out fine. The kitten will come around. You’ll just have to be persistent. Don’t worry about the initial trauma, that will wear off and you didn’t do anything wrong, I promise.
        Basically, once the kitten has made peace with the surroundings, your job is to spend as much time as close to the kitten as you can (without neglecting Zaphod, of course). It sounds like you have a half-feral kitten and that is going to take a little more work and patience on your part, but in the end you’ll have a loyal cat, I figure.
        Maybe after the kitten has settled a little, you can feed it wet food, but in order to get to the wet food, the kitten has to sit right next to you to eat – feel free to use bribery.
        When you get your hands on the kitten again and things are calmer, I might be able to help you sex it, or direct you to a sight that can help you sex it. What color(s)?

      • Re: Sometimes I get called MamaCat and that’s okay, too
        He really likes to play, and will let me pet him while he’s distracted with the toy. He even cimbed up on my lap while chasing a string. I also managed to scratch behind his ears while he was sleeping. But then he forgets that he likes me when I leave the room and hisses at me when I come back.
        I fed him a little wet food out of a spoon earlier as a peace offering. Zaphod got the lion’s share. 🙂 She just got up into my lap for a pat and chewed me out- “meow meow, how could you do this to me, meow?”
        I actually think he’s a boy, after looking at pictures on the internet and getting several nasty scratches whilst trying to look at his bum.
        He’s so pretty. He has little orange stripes on his face and upper legs, his feet are cream, and his head and back are foxy red/orange. And white eyeliner around grey eyes.

      • Re: Sometimes I get called MamaCat and that’s okay, too
        Like my Cracker! He’s a boy, just by the coloring. Rare to get a girl with those markings, I believe.
        Sounds like things are getting better already. Excellent!

      • Re: Sometimes I get called MamaCat and that’s okay, too
        He was being freaked out so I grabbed him gently by the scruff- like mom- and he’s been sleeping in my lap for an hour now!
        Thanks for all the help.

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