Yesterday I got a box in the mail. It was from my dad, who is a musician. When the (nervous looking) postman handed it to me, it was ticking. Like a bomb.
Dad sent me a metronome, which somehow turned on during the trip.
I can’t believe that Canada Post delivered a ticking box!

Also, yesterday I applied for the job of awesomeness that is the Artistic Directorship of the Ottawa Storytellers’ Winter Concert Series. Can you believe that my degree in folklore is actually pertinent to this job? I sure can’t! It’s going to be a great opportunity if I get it. The salary won’t even begin to pay the bills, but it would be so fan-bloody-tastic that I don’t even care! I may get to work for storytellers! Yay!

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    • He was not interested in sticking around! He shoved it at me and took off! 🙂
      P.S. Your girls are soooo cute and please wish Chloe a happy birthday for me even though she probably doesn’t remember me- I sure remember the first time I saw her, during RA training!

    • Thanks! As of the day before the deadline, I was the only one who applied, so I think I have a good chance! 😉
      When is it okay for me to call you? I got skype again, but I don’t want to run up your minutes. Is there some time when you can receive calls for free?
      Also, I am making you PIRATE MAIL! ARGH! It will sail your way soon.

      • Well, on the weekends and after 9pm weeknights I have free calls or “anytime minutes”, but the thing is… I don’t think they apply to calls made to or received from other countries. Other countries are expensive minute-wise, no matter the time. Like Canada is such an out of the way, exotic place; well, you do live in igloos and eat seal blubber up there, right?
        Yay! I’m excited for pirate mail! I’m making something right now for you, too. Probably won’t be pirates, maybe sommat else. Hmmmm.
        I’m a little bummed about this: last Wednesday or so, Courtney (you know who lives in O.C. here) invited me to go to the Peoples Choice Awards that air tonight. We were supposed to be “seat fillers” basically warming seats and making the theater look full while celebrities and other sundry are announcing and receiving awards. Not stellar fun, but maybe a good excuse to dress up and have a little fun and feel pretty… and feel like I’m female… dammit! So this didn’t give me very much time to go hunt down the proper attire, especially with school also starting last week, it didn’t give me any time at all. So I got a “little black dress” (cost waaaaaaay too much), but after that I realized I would also need a host of other accessories as to look “right” and just be comfortable: a shawl or some sort of cover-up (which proved impossible to find on the budget I’m on), and a little black clutch to put my keys, camera, cell, and TAMPONS (thank you Jesus God!) in (which was also almost impossible to find on frugal shopper mode), high heel shoes, pantyhose (easy), etc. But to make a long story short: I didn’t get to go! For a few reasons- Courtney and her friend got lost on the way up here, and were late, which was fine as I didn’t have a complete outfit to wear, anyway. They went ahead without me, which is what I wanted them to do. Boo-hoo! But I’m bummed anyhow… I really liked my black dress, I looked good in it. And now I’ll have to take it back as it was too expensive to begin with, and now where am I going to wear it?? And even though these awards are going to be some big pop culture cluster fuck, glorifying all sorts of things that I don’t care about, it still would have been fun to dress up and pretend. Thus, I’m a bit sad tonight. Oh well.

      • Awwww, that’s such a bummer! I think you should be naughty and keep the dress. Because now the karma fairy totally owes you and therefore you will be invited to to to the Oscars or the Golden Globes or some other even more fantabulous event!
        Even if you do decide to return the dress, you have to take a picture of yourself in it first and POST IT ON YOUR JOURNAL because I think I need to see you in a little black dress.
        So I basically can’t call you? LAME. SUPER LAME. I guess we’ll msotly have to keep in touch via this here interweb.

      • Oh, I plan to take some pictures before I return the dress. I do hate to return it (come on now, I’d just love to keep it- I was actually crying about it earlier, but I recognize that bit of insanity as pure hormones, not rampant materialism), but I think it’s for the best as it was quite expensive (for me). So yes, any pics I take I’ll put up in my journal… along with the others that I have yet to post!
        About the calling thing… I can check and make sure that my calling plan is how it is with foreign calls… weekends might be free, even for Canada, but I have to look into it. Otherwise you just keep calling and I can call you back on Magill’s land line phone with my calling card That would work, wouldn’t it? Really, I don’t think the phone bill was so high until your Christmas call (it was about an hour long)- other than that it’s been fine.

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