Tonight, on Firefly…

Serenity is attacked by a three-eyed, six-legged Cuthulian beast!

Look out, Mal!

It’s a gorram monster, Capt’n!

Maybe you can’t take the sky from him, but you can feed him to your big frelling sea monster!

Now those of you who’ve been wondering what the sea monster I knitted for Magill looks like can finally have your curiosity sated. This also just in: I am a big, big geek.

9 thoughts on “Tonight, on Firefly…

  1. The Octopus
    What a cute beastie! I like!
    Catherine recently started making strange monsters out of socks, like sock monkeys outta hell. I have a picture of Billy Bob (you know… *strange voice*… BILLY) playing with one.
    How is it a freakin’ newsflash that you’re a big, big geek? Old hat, baby! 😉 Or did you advance to some new stage of geek-dom by say, arranging this little space opera vignette with octopus and action figures (oops, I mean DOLLS!) all by yourself? (And actually enjoying it?!)

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